Peter Mayer

Dad. Entrepreneur. Refugee.

Leader. Farmer. Dad.

Mark Mayer

President, Chief Executive Officer
Thinker. Reader. Eater.

Josh Mayer

Chief Creative Officer
Instigator. Matriarch. Pet Slave.

Michelle Edelman

Chief Strategy Officer
Ad guy. Family guy. Tennis guy.

David Crane

Vice President, Director of Client Service
Optimist. Cautious typist.

Desmond LaVelle

Vice President, Executive Creative Director
Family Man. Pitmaster. Bean Counter.

Jay Geiger

Vice President, Director of Finance
Music Lover. Traveler. Dad.

Larry Lovell

Vice President, Director of Public Relations
Motivator. Provocateur. Boilermaker.

Candace Graham

Vice President, Marketing Director
Realist. Fanatic. Nostalgist.

Bryan Rice

Vice President, Director of Project Management