Peter Mayer

Dad. Entrepreneur. Refugee.

Leader. Farmer. Dad.

Mark Mayer

Chief Executive Officer & Chairman
Instigator. Matriarch. Pet Slave.

Michelle Edelman

President & Chief Strategy Officer
Thinker. Reader. Eater.

Josh Mayer

Chief Creative Officer
Optimist. Cautious typist.

Desmond LaVelle

Executive Vice President, Executive Creative Director
Car Enthusiast. Eternal Optimist. Cocktail Creator.

Adam Blankenship

Senior Vice President, Client Engagement
Ad guy. Family guy. Tennis guy.

David Crane

Vice President, Director of Client Service
News. Travel. Music.

Larry Lovell

Vice President, Director of Public Relations
Realist. Fanatic. Nostalgist.

Bryan Rice

Vice President, Director of Project Management
Passionate. Positive-Impact-Led. Painted Lady.

Abbey Dethlefs

Vice President, Director of Strategy
Resting. Smile. Face.

Arianne White

Director, Social Media Strategy
Punctual. Athlete. Thrill Seeker.

Blake Martin

Horror Geek. Reader. Collector.

Heather Rigby

Associate Media Planner
Food Lover. Wine Lover. Data Lover.

Stephanie Moreaux

Analytics Supervisor
Stop. Collaborate. Listen.

Ian Rousey

Art Director
Eat. Rage. Love.

Jane Owenby

Art Director
Keys. Wallet. Phone.

Jared Owenby

Organizer. Equestrian. Miracle Worker.

Jeanne Muller

Associate Project Manager
Hedonist. Contrarian. Typophile.

John Rushing

Senior Studio Designer
Crafter. Shaker. Merrymaker.

Laurie Ohlsson

Human Resources Manager
Pragmatist. Twin. Foodie.

Jesse Delerno

Associate Director, Project Management
Binge-watcher. Meme Fanatic. Insightful.

Lindsay Rance

Social Media Manager
Wine. Snacks. Nap.

Minnie Wedding

Associate Media Planner
Puzzle Solver. Prognosticator. Horrorphile.

Sara Chambers Johnson

Senior Media Planner/Buyer
Collaborator. Mentor. Musician.

Jordy Luft

Associate Media Director
Cautious Optimist. Go-getter. Troublemaker.

Alissa Dunbar

Media Supervisor
Independent. Patient. Observant.

Katie Cable

Programmatic and Platforms Manager
Art Enthusiast. Dog Mom. TCM Fanatic.

Lisa Costa

Operations Coordinator
Creator. Dreamer. Board Game Hero.

Kara Kentner

Digital Launch Specialist
Get. πŸ’©. Done.

Aaron Martin

Project Manager
Explorer. Connector. Believer.

Marc LaPorte

Senior Proofreader
Curious. Intuitive. Adventurous.

Annie Skivington

Associate Media Planner
Doer. Believer. Shaker.

Eric Camardelle

Brand Strategist
Getting. It. Done.

Hollin Caire

Studio Director
Analytical. Resourceful. Tenacious.

David Ambrogio

Paid Search Associate
Irreverent. Facetious. Brat.

Lia Goldsborough

Creative Operations Manager
Early-Bird. Pet-Mom. Jedi-Master.

D'Elia Traver

Analytics Manager
Music. Beer. Weird.

Chris Arcuri

Print Production Manager
Lardum. Ovum. Caseus.

Barrett Macgowan

Neat Freak. Problem Solver. Doggo Mom.

Anna Plaisance

Social Media Manager
Dynamic. Curious. Malleable.

Maxwell Hill

New Business Coordinator
140ΒΊ. No Water. Chai.

Andrew Bovine

Senior Account Executive
Acrobat. Storyteller. Dog Mom.

Becca Ames

Brand Strategist
Duck. Duck. Goose.

Greg Johnson

Studio Designer
Casual. Cool. Competitive.

Lauren Newman

Senior Designer
Fun-loving. Dependable. Tenacious.

Kristy Baird

Account Director
Altruist. Logophile. Bon Vivant.

Kacey Hill, A.P.R.

Public Relations Account Supervisor
Hand Letterer. Pug Lover. Fried Chicken Enthusiast.

Leah Mandel

Associate Studio Designer
Family Guy. Craftsman. Carnivore.

John Engert

Director of IT
Fascinator Appreciator. Epicurean. Xennial.

Margaret Tuskey

Public Relations Senior Account Executive
Ambitious. Geek. Witty.

Wade Louque

IT Technician
Competitor. Dot-Connector. Advocate.

Mary Anthony

Associate Director, Brand Strategy
Skeptic. Believer. Conflicted.

Maureen LaBorde

Creative Director
Dedicated. Mommy. Organ Recipient.

Meredith Parker

Assistant Controller
Crazy. Cat. Lady.

Michelle Mouton

Account Executive
Realist. Mom. Who Dat.

Nicole Parks

Account Supervisor
Passionate. Art Enthusiast. Mama.

Marta Blanco

Associate Director, Project Management
Family. Pessimistic. Observant.

Sean McGovern

Senior Director of Finance and Accounting
Ask. "What-if?" More.

Richard Landry

Creative Director
Improviser. Baker. Green Thumb.

Lindsey Brenkus

Project Manager
Mother. Curator. Supporter.

Lynne McMillen

Associate Media Director

Margot Bienvenu

Studio Designer
Explorer. Cooker. Sun Worshipper.

Michelle Novakoske

Account Director
Family. Football. Bacon.

Matthew Westfall

Account Supervisor
Lefty. Mom. Dachshund Lover.

Jessica Hansen

Food-lover. Shoe-collector. Shower-singer.

Fernanda Burgel

Creative Director
Onion. Celery. Bell Pepper.

Jason Otis

Creative Director
Supersonic. Hypnotic. Funky Fresh.

Alexandra Noto

Account Executive

Craig Moyer

Senior Copywriter
Strategist. Library Lover. Masquerador.

Amy Hubbell

Director of Research
Laugh. Out. Loud.

Alexis Vicknair

Broadcast Producer
Dedicated. Compassionate. Mama Bear.

April Hirsch

Executive Administrative Assistant

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