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A Brief Snoball History

Snoballs. Sno-balls. Snowballs. It doesn’t matter how you spell it. Just don’t call it a snow cone – because that’s something different and nowhere near as good. Found in every neighborhood, snoball stands are seasonal, open when the weather gets warm and the demand spikes.

The snoball is the quintessential New Orleans treat – dessert, snack, parental bribe, weekend ritual and perfect antidote to heat and humidity. They give you brain freeze, color your lips and sometimes your shirt, but most of all, they make you happy.

Pete and Snoballs

Just as snoballs are a part of this city, so is Peter Mayer Advertising, a leader in marketing since 1967. Our founder, Peter, arrived in New Orleans in the 1930’s. Often, he and his friends would scrounge up a few pennies, run to the neighborhood “snoball guy,” and drool in anticipation as the vendor hand-shaved a snoball for each kid. His love of snoballs grew as he entered adulthood. If you gave him a neighborhood, he could quickly tell you the best stand in that part of town.

We built this Snoball Finder to honor two of Pete’s favorite things – his city and his favorite treat. Enjoy.

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