For 300 years, cultures have been colliding in our little crescent of the world. All that colorful history has made New Orleans the perfect place to stage revolutions, set up piracy outposts or open an advertising agency. And that’s exactly what Peter Arno Mayer did 51 years ago (the agency part, not the piracy).

Today, PETERMAYER is an independent, full-service agency of 80 people built around a single purpose:

We help brands move people. Move people to feel. Move people to play. Move people to act.

In a world where media is creative and creative is PR and PR is social and social is strategy and strategy is media, it’s critical to have all these functions in one place working in tandem. We’ve built our agency around this collaborative way of working.

Being together makes us better.

Whether you’re looking to drive more customers to your outpost, or stage your brand’s next big revolution, or both, you have a partner in us.

Hop on.

What we do.

Strategic Services
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Planning
  • Connections Planning
  • Persona Development
  • Road Mapping

Strategic Services

Creative Services

Media Services

Public Relations

Research & Analytics

Production & Delivery


SEO & SEM Services